Technical Writing Services

Since 1982 Teragon has written, managed and, electronically published technical documentation for government agencies and contractors. Offering documentation writing, editing, conversion and, management services on any scale that help you produce accurate and professional manuals.

  • • User and Reference Manuals
  • • Maintenance / Service / Diagnostic / Troubleshooting manuals
  • • Test Plans and Technical procedures

Document Conversion Services

Teragon translates legacy files, marketing materials, engineering spec sheets, and other sources into comprehensive organized documentation.

  • • Converting Databases to Text
  • • Converting Spread sheets into Tables
  • • Importing / Exporting graphics and Extracting Images
  • • Migrating and Importing files

Software Proficiencies:

Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Interleaf/Quicksilver, PowerPoint, FrameMaker.

Requirements Management

All systems have requirements whether they are captured in a database, 200 page document or on the back of an envelope. With 20+ years of requirements management experience Teragon can help you establish detailed specifications, code designs and test procedures that fit uniformly to the requirements. This ensures management, engineering, testing and the client can make decisions based upon the original requirements.

Whether you are just beginning to establish requirements based methodology, looking to improve or customize your current approach, or just need a knowledgeable administrator for an existing process/database, Teragon can provide the consulting, programming or database administration support you need.

Software Proficiencies:

IBM Rational DOORS®, iRise, Microsoft Access and Excel.

Web Based Training Development Solutions:

Teragon Consulting develops Web Based Training(WBT) or Computer Based Training(CBT) products to fit the needs and designs of the project at hand. Our team of developers have experience with large scale deployments of highly customized WBT modules interfacing with complex Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS).

WBT Multimedia Development
  • • Deployment Frameworks and content navigation.
  • • Interactive Media Motion Graphics & Digital Video
  • • Voice Over and audio integration
  • • Gamification - Conversion of standard training and designs to utilize the successful principles applied in the video game industry.
  • • Adaptive Learning Options
    • o Content changes based upon user classification or job function provided by login or database.
    • o Content changes based on user interaction with content (i.e. pre-testing, interest level).
  • • Software and Hardware Simulations
    • o Users learn more through interaction with content material.
    • o Simulations have the user perform tasks that re-enforce learning objections.
WBT Deployment

One of the largest challenges of online learning is deploying your content in a meaningful way to track student progress and provide feedback on content. Teragon Consulting can help with this challenge by:

  • • Consulting with you on deployment systems and methods that meet customer expectations and bandwidth requirements.
  • • Integrate WBT content with existing or new Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS).

Instructional Design:

Teragon Consulting can work with your experts to design training based on your software and hardware product development. These services include but are not limited to:

  • • Identification and analysis of target audiences for training.
  • • Task analysis and learning objective development.
  • • Course Material development including presentations, labs and evaluations.
  • • Critical review of course feedback material such as surveys and direct student interviews to improve the training product.

In addition to the above Teragon Consulting has experts with over 6 years of experience in Instructional Design for Online Learning. This specialty adds the following capabilities to those listed above:

  • • Development of materials suited specifically for the learning challenges of non-instructor led training.
  • • Modification of existing Instructor Led courses to designs more suited for the online environment.
  • • Modification of instructional style to meet current learning objectives in a blended learning or Web environment.

Software Specialties & Programming:

Adobe Master Suite 5.5 & E-learning Suite 2.5
  • • Flash Professional
  • • Captivate 5
  • • Illustrator
  • • Photoshop
  • • After Effects
  • • Premier Pro
  • • Fireworks
  • • Audition
  • • Dreamweaver
3D Software and Rendering
  • • 3DS Max
  • • V-Ray
  • • ActionScript 3.0
  • • XML
  • • HTML & HTML5
  • • CSS
  • • Java
  • • C/C++/C#/Objective C
  • • SQL
  • • Android & I-phone SDK

Project and Change Management

Project management is much more than just handing out assignments. It's about ensuring deadlines, budgets, maintaining and building reputation and ensuring that the project produces the best product possible.

Whether you need a project manager for a single product line, or a program involving complex teaming agreements, Teragon Consulting can handle any of your current project management needs.

When dealing with any sized project, let’s face it CHANGE HAPPENS… this is where Configuration Management comes in.

Teragon Consulting provides for many aspects of Configuration Management Services including:

  • • Document Standardization
  • • Document Change Management
  • • Software Change Management